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Qualifications for the Scholarship

Please be informed that a candidate’s academic and financial eligibility does not guarantee that he or she will receive the scholarship; rather, the committee bases its final decision on who is the worthiest.
The applicant must:
• Be eligible to enroll in LLNC in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.
• Have submitted a complete application to the scholarship committee.
• Have submitted a completed application to the chosen program. Meet the entry requirements for the chosen program.

How to Apply for the Scholarship:

To apply for the scholarship, the applicant:

• You must submit all supporting documents for your distinguished academic background (insert the minimum academic criteria here) and supporting documents for your co-curricular activities, if any.
• Since we support education for the less fortunate, we strictly reject any inconsistency, you must give us the facts we need regarding your financial insolvency.
• Need to be approved by the board and the executive members of the college committee.
• Please read the Terms & Conditions for further information; in order to accept the scholarship, you must abide by them.

Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship:

• Applicants must hold an offer for the scholarship and commence their studies in the immediate semester after the scholarship is granted; no delayed admission will be appreciated.
• The scholarship incentive is adjusted to reflect the overall cost of the foundation program’s tuition. No cash or other type of monetary value is provided as a substitute.
• The scholarship cannot be transferred or extended to any other academic program at LLNC after the student has been enrolled.
• If you have any more questions or concerns about the LLNC scholarship, please contact our administrative staff.